Ferret Cages

Ferret cages are useful for pet lovers, as if even if you usually keep your ferret outside it is a good idea to have a cage in the house in case of extreme weather or if you just need to keep an eye on them!

Why do I need a Ferret Cage?

Ferrets prefer cooler weather, so the UK climate is usually ideal for keeping them. However, if temperatures exceed 26 degrees then this can be dangerous for your ferret so you may prefer to keep them in a cage supplied with cold water. A plastic bottle filled with water and then frozen and wrapped in a towel is a great way to cool your ferrets down!

High winds and heavy rain can also be dangerous for your ferret so it is a good idea to have a ferret cage in the house if a storm is forecast.

Ferrets enjoy cooler weather, and even enjoy the snow but it is best to keep them in a ferret cage in the house if temperatures outside are getting very low.

Some ferret owners may not have space for a hutch or run outside, so they will need a good quality ferret cage as their permanent home.

What makes a good Ferret Cage?

A good ferret cage should have strong metal bars and plenty of space for your ferret to eat, sleep and play.

Ferrets love to dig and will try to escape from any situation, so it is very important your ferret cage is strong and sturdy. The metal bars should not be too far apart otherwise they may get their head stuck in them.

A two storey ferret cage is ideal for keeping ferrets, but whatever size of cage you have you must make sure that your ferret has plenty of ‘out of cage’ time.

Ideally, this should be between 2-3 hours a day, although this doesn’t all need to be at once as you will find that your ferrets sleep a lot. It goes without saying that your ferret should be supervised when it is out of its cage.

You should equip your ferret cage with toys, feeding bowls and water bottles – and some cages even have space for hammocks which are ideal for sleeping!

View our range of ferret cages below, and we also have a great range of ferret hutches which are perfect as an outside home for your ferret.

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