Rabbit Cages

A good quality rabbit cage is an essential item for any pet lover, whether you keep your rabbits indoors or outdoors

Why do I need a Rabbit Cage?

If you usually keep your rabbits outside, then a rabbit cage can be a good idea for times of extreme or harsh weather, just after a trip to the vets or if you just need to keep your eye on your rabbit for whatever reason!

Hot summer weather can be dangerous for your rabbit, so if the hutch is getting too hot or is in direct sunlight it might be a good idea to give them some time in a shady indoor cage.

You can keep your rabbit cool by providing them with cold water, and setting up a rotating fan to keep them cool. It is much easier to do this in a cage than a larger hutch.

Strong winds and heavy rain can also be dangerous and unpleasant for your rabbits, so you may want to bring them inside during stormy weather.

Some rabbit owners may not have room for a spacious outdoor hutch and run, so they need to keep their pets inside.

What makes a good Rabbit Cage

A good quality rabbit cage should be easy to clean, have strong metal bars as well as plenty of space for your rabbit to sleep, eat and play.

If you are keeping your rabbit in the cage as their main home, you should make the cage as spacious as possible according to how much room you have.

No matter how large the cage, you should always allow your rabbit to have plenty of ‘out of cage time’. This may be a designated area of the house, but you should always make sure the area is ‘rabbit proof’ and electrical wires are kept well out of the way.

You should also equip your rabbit cage with some toys, feeding bowls and water bottles.

View our range of rabbit cages below, and we also have a great selection of rabbit hutches which are perfect for keeping your rabbit outside.

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