Ferret Hutches

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Ferrets are enjoyable and unusual pets. However like rabbits and guinea pigs it is important to ensure they are kept safe in ferret hutches. When you buy ferret hutches online you need to be aware of the different options available to you and what is most appropriate for your pet.

Outdoor Ferret Hutches

Our ferret hutches are ideal if you are intending to keep your ferrets outside, as they are spacious, sturdy and provide plenty of room. An ideal ferret hutch will be at least 4ft long, with two storeys and an outdoor run so your ferret can get plenty of exercise.

We also have a great range of ferret cages for those times when you need to keep your ferret indoors, such as during extreme weather.

Ferrets like to climb and play, so they more space they have the better and if you choose a hutch with a couple of levels this will give them plenty to climb and clamber on. It is also a great idea to equip your ferret hutch with some tubes and tunnels which they will love to explore. You will just need to make sure the tunnels are wide enough for your ferrets during the winter when they put on weight.

Another thing to be aware of is an appropriate sleeping area. Ferrets can sleep for up to 16 hours a day so there needs to be an area that is comfortably for them to sleep in and they can call their home.

Many of our ferret hutches include a separate sleeping area away from where your ferret will eat, including the Glade Large Ferret Hutch which also includes an enclosed run.

Positioning your Ferret Hutch

An important factor to consider when setting up your ferret hutch is the position in the garden or outdoor area you have available.

Ferrets are susceptible to the heat, so it is important their hutch is kept cool and in a sheltered location. The temperature of the hutch should be kept below 26°C or your ferret will be at risk of overheating.

There are plenty of other factors to consider when choosing a ferret hutch and looking after a ferret, including how to feed, secure and clean your pets as well as keeping them healthy.

Our range of ferret hutches will provide a secure and comfortable home for your ferret, and each hutch can also be purchased with a matching cover to keep them dry and warm.

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