4ft Pet Hutches

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4ft pet hutches are ideal for a number of pets- it is generally accepted that the minimum size for a guinea pig hutch should be 4ft by 2ft. However when looking at the size of the hutch it is not just about how large the area is but also what is included within that space. There are a number of practical issues to consider. For example there should be an area for bedding that is comfortable for the animal. There should be a litter area in the corner that can be cleaned out reasonably easily. Another issue is protection.

The construction of the hutch should ensure that predators cannot get at your pet and they are kept reasonably secure. In short it is important to look at both the size of the hutch and the features of the hutch. PetHutchShop.co.uk offer a range of 4ft Pet Hutches and it is worth checking our hutches to see the ideal one for your pet.

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