Guinea Pig Hutch with Cover

Buying a guinea pig hutch with cover will not only protect your guinea pig from the elements, it can save you some money as well!

Guinea pigs are very sensitive to the cold, so it is important to protect them as much as possible. As well as getting the right hutch you should also have a guinea pig hutch cover to keep them warm during colder weather.

Most of our guinea pig hutches are available with a custom made waterproof cover, so this will take the worry out of making sure your cover is going to fit as well as keeping your pets warm and dry.

All covers are made from a strong hessian type material, which will keep your hutch dry and extend its lifespan.

The covers also include plastic windows with air holes so that the light and air can flow through the hutch. They are easy to fit with zips so your hutch can be covered very quickly if required.

Buying your guinea pig hutch with cover supplied will also provide a saving on purchasing the hutch and cover separately.

View our recommended hutches below which include the total price of both the hutch and matching cover.

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