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Like rabbits or guinea pigs ferrets need to be kept warm in winter. This means that if you need to keep them outside then you need the right ferret hutch covers in order to make sure that they are warm enough. The reason this is important is for the same reason that humans need to keep warm in cold weather. It can exacerbate health problems and cause them discomfort, often from dampness and mould caused by uncovered shelters. However it is not enough to go for a waterproof cover. A lot of shelters are waterproof anyway and there are other important considerations.

The big factor is ensuring the cover goes over the hutch. This may sound obvious but not all hutches will be a standard size, so it is vital to check specifications before you order so that the cover fits the hutch. At PetHutchShop.co.uk we offer a range of ferret hutch covers to suit a number of different hutches.

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