Guinea Pig Hutch Covers

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Guinea pigs are very sensitive to the cold. Therefore it is important to protect them as much as possible. As well as getting the right hutch you should also have guinea pig hutch covers to keep them warm outside in the winter months. The minimum recommended size for a guinea pig hutch is 4ft by 2ft. Therefore the cover should be able to match this. There are a few reasons for this. One is to ensure that the guinea pig is kept warm and to prevent mould from developing, something that can exacerbate health problems in guinea pigs. Another is that it offers additional protection from potential predators if you keep them outside.

When you choose a cover you also need to check that it provides enough ventilation for the guinea pig. This is especially important when ordering plastic or PVC sheeting and you ought to check product specifications to see if they have added some form of ventilation to the cover. At we believe in ensuring that your pet gets properly looked after. Contact us today and we can discuss the ideal options to find the right guinea pig hutch covers for your pet.

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