Rabbit Hutch Covers

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Like humans rabbits need a certain amount of shelter. During cold weather and the winter months an uncovered hutch can be cold and this can result in the rabbit suffering from a number of health problems. This is why it is important to get the right kind of rabbit hutch covers to keep your pet warm. The first thing is to check that the cover goes over the hutch. This may sound obvious but not all hutches are a standard size. Therefore you need to check the product specifications of the cover before ordering. With some hutches they may not be a standard size and therefore you may need to order a custom sized cover.

It is also important to see what additional protection you get from the hutch- it should provide ventilation while at the same time insulating the hutch. Ideally it should also offer additional protection from any potential predators trying to get at the rabbits. Furthermore it should be easy to take it on and off.

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