Where to buy ferrets in the UK?

Ferret shopping – Here’s our advice on where to buy ferrets in the UK

When looking at where to buy ferrets in the UK you need to look at both where you
are getting them from and the kind of animal you are getting. If they are adopted from a previous
owner you need to be aware of any potential behavioural problems while ideally when buying a
pet from a pet shop they should give you the help and guidance you need in order to properly look
after a ferret.

As with other pets it is possible to buy ferrets from breeders and as with other animals it is
best to check the track record of the breeder and get feedback from people who have bought ferrets
from them in the past. Check to ensure that any male pets are castrated and their stink glands have
been removed while female pets should be spayed.

When answering the question where to buy ferrets in the UK the simple answer is
that it depends­ you have to check to see whether the shop or breeder you are buying from is
knowledgeable and if they are helpful. While price can be an issue it is better to look for quality
and experience to help get the right ferret as a pet to avoid problems in the long term.

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