5 cutest guinea pig names for a female

Here’s the Pet Hutch Shop top 5 cutest names for a female guinea pig

Guinea pigs are very cute creatures. Therefore most people want to give their
guinea pig a cute name to go with it. If you have a female guinea pig you tend to
want to go with sweet names that reflect their cuteness. With this in mind we have
compiled our 5 cutest guinea pig names for a female
It wasn’t easy narrowing down the options (there are a lot out there!) But these are
the five choices that we felt had the necessary “aah” factor when it came to naming a female
guinea pig. Generally speaking the best options for your pet are the ones that best sum up their
personality (which is why we’ve added a few honourable mentions as well).

5 cutest guinea pig names for a female
1. Cookie­ Sweet names seem to come up a lot (Peaches, Sugar etc) but this one seems to fit
best in terms of how a guinea pig looks and their lovely round features!
2. Cuddles­ If your guinea pig is particularly huggable this is the perfect name!
3. Sparkles­ Essentially there are a number of variants on this (Diamond, Countess etc) that
are ideal if your guinea pig is a bit of a diva!
4. Tinkerbell­ There are a lot of Disney/fairytale options (Ariel, Belle, Elsa etc) but this one is
best if your guinea pig has a spark of mischief about them.
5. Furball­ Simple, accurate and effective!