5 cutest guinea pig names for a male

Its the time you have all been waiting for…..And here are the top 5 cutest male guinea pig names

Generally when it comes to naming male guinea pigs people tend to go for the silly ironic route­
calling a tiny rodent “Tank” or “Godzilla” can often be amusing. Therefore when choosing our
5 cutest guinea pig names for a male
we’ve gone for the names that we personally think reflect
both the cuteness of the creatures and also having a bit of fun in the process (we’ve also thrown in
some additional honourable mentions if you need a bit more inspiration!)
5 cutest guinea pig names for a male
1. Aragorn­ There is something funny about naming your guinea pig after a rugged hero (See
also Hercules, Robocop, Arnie etc)
2. Chompsky­ Ideal if you have a guinea pig that literally chews the scenery (other examples
could include Nibbler, Chopper, Saber Tooth or Bitey)
3. Sneaky Pete­ Best for any shy guinea pigs (Other alternatives may include Ninja, Batman
or Zorro)
4. Notorious P.I.G­ Sometimes only a pun/reference will do (See also Mr G. Uinea, Doolittle
or Edward Scissorpaws).
5. Fuzzmeister­ Pure cuteness (See also Cottonball, Marshmallow or Peanut).