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How to litter train a rabbit

It is important to know how to litter train a rabbit, and as with any pet it is necessary to establish a routine as soon as possible before the rabbit gets into bad habits!Fortunately, rabbits are naturally clean animals and so are relatively simple to train.Here’s our comprehensive guide on how to litter train a […]

What do Ferrets eat?

On the surface, asking the question “What do ferrets eat?” may seem fairly simple. But it is important to emphasise the difference between what a ferret is physically capable of eating and the right range of foods to give them a balanced diet.Anything a ferret eats should be easy to digest as they have a […]

How long do Guinea pigs live for?

Guinea pigs, or cavies as they are also known, originated in the Andes in South America. They were introduced into Europe in the 16th century where they became popular as pets because they are generally docile, affectionate and relatively easy to care for.They have a long lifespan compared to some small animals, living for 4-8 […]

Can you keep a rabbit hutch in your house?

Keeping a rabbit hutch in the house – should your rabbit live indoors or outdoors? That is the Question You’ve probably seen people with their rabbits running around the kitchen or living room. There is no reason why you can’t keep a rabbit hutch in the house. Some experts believe that indoor rabbits are likely […]

5 possible problems with buying a second hand rabbit hutch

Should I be buying my rabbit a second hand rabbit hutch? Many people want to save a bit of money when it comes to buying a hutch for their new pet. Thousands of rabbit owners look to the second hand market which can be a lot cheaper and is often fine. However there are possible […]

5 cutest guinea pig names for a male

Its the time you have all been waiting for…..And here are the top 5 cutest male guinea pig names Generally when it comes to naming male guinea pigs people tend to go for the silly ironic route­ calling a tiny rodent “Tank” or “Godzilla” can often be amusing. Therefore when choosing our 5 cutest guinea […]

5 cutest guinea pig names for a female

Here’s the Pet Hutch Shop top 5 cutest names for a female guinea pig Guinea pigs are very cute creatures. Therefore most people want to give their guinea pig a cute name to go with it. If you have a female guinea pig you tend to want to go with sweet names that reflect their […]

Where to buy ferrets in the UK?

Ferret shopping – Here’s our advice on where to buy ferrets in the UK When looking at where to buy ferrets in the UK you need to look at both where you are getting them from and the kind of animal you are getting. If they are adopted from a previous owner you need to […]

What is a good feeding regime for ferrets?

Here’s how to find a good feeding regime for your ferrets. The simple answer to the question what is a good feeding regime for ferrets? is to give them access to food 24 hours a day­. Ferrets have fast metabolisms so they will need to eat often and so it is best to give them […]

How many times a year can rabbits breed?

Breeding like rabbits: how many times a year can rabbits breed People often talk of “breeding like rabbits”. However they may not necessarily know exactly what that means. If you intend to look after rabbits it helps to know the answer to the question How many times a year can rabbits breed? Unlike other animals, […]