Rabbit Hutches

Rabbits can make excellent pets. However it is important they are properly looked after and this is why it is important to choose the right hutch for your rabbit.

Factors to consider when buying a Rabbit Hutch

When you are buying rabbit hutches online you have to carefully consider a few different factors. Rabbits can vary in size from 1kg to 10kg and rabbit hutches can also vary from compact 3ft hutches to more luxurious, multi-level homes.

In general, you should buy the largest hutch for your rabbit that your outdoor space and your budget will allow. There should be plenty of space for your rabbit to move around comfortably and it should also offer protection from predators.

Your hutch should be sturdily built so it will withstand inclement weather, and it should also provide a sleeping area for a warm resting place and for somewhere for your rabbit to hide out. Ideally there should also be a litter section for clearing mess as well.

Rabbit Hutch and Run

Rabbits need plenty of exercise, and a great way to provide this is to buy a rabbit hutch with enclosed run. Our Orchard Extended Wooden Rabbit Hutch has upper and lower sections and includes a spacious run so your rabbit will enjoy some freedom as well as comfortable sleeping quarters which are raised off the ground.

Additional features such as drip feed water bottles are desirable as well because this ensures that the rabbit has a fresh supply of water.

All of our rabbit hutches are built from high quality wood and provide a safe and warm place for your rabbit to live. All hutches can be purchased with a matching weather proof cover, and we also provide a selection of rabbit cages for when you might want to move your rabbit indoors or take them out to the vets.

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