5 possible problems with buying a second hand rabbit hutch

Should I be buying my rabbit a second hand rabbit hutch?

Many people want to save a bit of money when it comes to buying a hutch for their new pet. Thousands of rabbit owners look to the second hand market which can be a lot cheaper and is often fine. However there are possible problems with buying a second hand hutch and it’s best to know these before you make any decisions.

Most importantly, you must find out if the previous owner had a pet that died in the rabbit hutch being offered. Second hand pet hutches can be an issue if this is the case. If the pet died of a disease then their hutch can carry the disease which could easily be passed on to another pet. In particular you should be aware that if the previous occupant of the hutch died of VHD, then you should definitely not buy the hutch as no amount of cleaning can kill the dormant stages of this virus.

If it turns out that the previous owner did have a pet that died then you may want to avoid buying a second hand rabbit hutch.

Rabbits also like to mark their territory with rabbit pee. These scents can be almost impossible to remove. This is of course not as important as disease but smelling another rabbit could make your pet behave differently.

The other important consideration when buying a second hand rabbit hutch is the condition of the hutch. Obviously you don’t want to buy a hutch that is in need of repair. You may well end up spending more fixing the hutch than it would have cost you to buy a new one. All hutches should be weatherproof and the hinges and mesh should be in good repair.

Of course despite the possible problems with buying a second hand rabbit hutch, many people house their rabbits this way. Please make sure that any second hand rabbit hutches are cleaned thoroughly before you put your pet rabbit in there. We recommend some pet disinfection spray and leaving the hutch to dry properly before using it.

If you are considering buying a second hand rabbit hutch then it is definitely worth considering a new hutch as well. A new hutch is guaranteed to be in good condition, and can also be great value considering the lifetime of use that your rabbit will get out of the hutch.

Our rabbit hutches start at just £64.95, and we also offer larger hutches with multi-levels and enclosed runs so that your pet will get plenty of exercise.